The Thrilling siddlingeshwara swamy betta Trek

The happy month of November started and this is a very special month for the fact South west monsoon retires from Karnataka and North east monsoon starts in the east coast which means all the eastern ghats of TN can be trekked with greenery and all the waterfalls of Karnataka around Sirsi and Malenadu can be accessed which is difficult in Monsoon season...So November always been a special month for me.

We planned for a trek and tree plantation event on Nov 1 and celebrated the Kannada Rajyotsava day in style. Though not being a Kannadiga by birth I consider Karnataka as my another mother and learnt kannada it just in 3 months (back in 2011) and have lot of love for the language.. Tamil and Kannada are like my 2 eyes...

Everyone showed great interest to join for the event when I Informed and about 12 of us planned the trek to the beautiful small hill called the Siddalingeshwara Swamy betta near the Machinabele dam. This place is about 50 kms from Sahakaranagar and inbetwen Machinabele and Ramnagara.

We reached the spot around 7am after some nice breakfast and started the trek to the temple. First we reached the temple at the middle and spent some time there and realised its not possible to reach the peak from the temple especially in the rainy season as one place was very slippery and with kids we dint want to take the risk so got down and luckily found a local uncle who said its possible to reach the peak via temple in dry season and for now asked us to walk the fields and take the adjacent slope area to reach the peak.

We walked about 1 km to reach the base of the side where a nice tractor trail goes and then used the path to climb up, the initial stretch was little steep and may not suit very small kids of elders.. It took about 20 mins to reach the peak as its a small hill and the peak gave amazing green views of the surrounding mountains and the other side from the peak looked a very dense forest. There is a nice patch of green grasslands at the peak to have some relaxed time and also few patches of rain water in small ponds.

We spent about 30 mins at the peak and then decided to descend down.Took about 30 mins to reach back to the temple where we parked our cars and then realised to the right of the temple there is a beautiful pond with crystal clear water and in played in water for some time.

Then we started to plant the trees around the pond to make sure the plants survive with enough water. Post planting 15 trees we left to Machinabele dam to play in water for some time and after this around 11.30am in the heartfelt happiness of a trek, playing in water and planting trees started back to Bangalore for a nice Naati lunch.....

The temple at the midway with the Siddalingeshwara Swamy

The hill from the distance

The initial climb down from the temple

Walking inside bushy forest to climb up the other way

Green views from the top

The Peak

The beautiful grasslands at the peak

Getting down

Finally got down

Total of 15 trees were planted

The Pond near the Betta

The Machinabele dam

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