The Lovely Kaigal Falls and its hidden layers

Its monsoon and the season of waterfalls in November and just it was a week I came from Kodaikanal trip and dint wanted to plan a bigger trip so was thinking what to do for the weekend and Sandeep my friend and neighbour was asking me if we can take his kids somewhere close by and preferably a waterfall..

Kaigal falls was in my mind earlier and we used the opportunity to plan a trip to Kaigal falls its a easy walk from car park and kids can also take bath in a small falls there. On a cloudy Saturday We left from Bangalore around 7am and the idea was to have the breakfast in Mulbagal and we wanted to have the authentic Mulbagal dosa from Prasad hotel. After reaching Mulbagal around 9.15 we gobbled all the varieties of Dosa from Prasad hotel and then around 10am left to the Kaigal falls.

To our favour the weather was cloudy and pleasant and we reached the falls at 10.30 and from the car park its about 1km easy walk to the main falls. Though its a safe place kindly take precautions as in monsoon it might be slippery. 

The main waterfalls was a majestic one and due to super rains that year water was gushing hard. We were not able to go to the main falls for bath and selected a simple and easy falls on the right side of the main falls for the kids to take bath and enjoy and next to this small falls there is another slightly bigger falls for adults to take bath.

When the kids and Sandeep were having fun my mind was asking me to explore the place around and I alone went on top of a stream to check if there is any other waterfalls around and to my luck after crossing through a series of pools found another beautiful falls where one tier was falling under a cave and coming out.. I took some good pics and then finally about 12.30pm we packed and left the place.

On the way we stopped in a bakery for some snacks and then visited Avani Ramalingeshwara temple on the way to show the kids some Architecture... We reached Bangalore about 4pm with some fulfilled soul and mins

The main layer of the waterfalls

The initial path from the car park

The small branch of the main layer

The layer where its easy for a bath even for kids

Vazhaaaa en vazhvaii vazhaveeeee

One more layer

The main layer

The pool which leads to the hidden falls

The Hidden layer on the top

Sandeep's kid striking a pose in the Marigold fields

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