The Unbelievable Chronicles of Kookal Falls

I have been a waterfall hunter for ages now and I always wished I keep exploring waterfalls which makes me to feel there is no better waterfall than this and that moment kind of arrived this day and I will for sure tell this is the most majestic and stunning waterfalls I have seen in India till now..

After we doing the Gundupatti trek and waterfalls in the previous post we still had about 5 hrs left for our bus back to Bangalore and we wanted to explore the lesser known Kookal falls but the catch is it takes about 4 hrs both ways for the trek and we had to rush. We decided to take risk and on the way had a quick Kothu Parotta and reached the car park for the falls around 1.30 am...

The path had a board telling this trek is banned by the forest department but the local villagers told its part of the village and in a private property and can be reached giving 50 rs per head as the entry fees to the land owners near by.

Knowing the fact time is less we started to jog down the falls and from the car point the falls is about 3 kms extremely steep descending. The path was extremely beautiful covered by mist covered green mountains.. We took only about 45 mins to reach the base as we were rushing and apart from the main falls also saw many other small falls around... There are also mules available if someone cannot walk up and they charge about 600 rs for it.

Finally we reached the mini forest and walking about 10 mins the view of the falls appeared and ohhhmyyyy goddddddddd it was extremely stunning and amazing as the water falls from about 200 feet and extremely wide as well... Never seen a falls which is this tall and wide and looks directly from a scene of fairy tale... I would surely say this is the best waterfalls I have seen in India just for the fact of the path, the trek, the access and the view.. One can take a nice dip at the falls as it has shallow pools and after spending 30 mins with awesome feeling of achieving some thing awesome we started to trek back and it took about 1 hr to reach the car park. Well we were astonished we could do this trek in 2 hrs considering it takes 3 to 4 hrs usually..

The time was around 3.30 and it takes about an hr to reach Kodaikanal town and the bus was at 6... We reached the town on time and after refreshing and buying some home made chocolates, garlic and other items we took the sleeper bus and with beautiful memories started back to Bangalore with the hope of having a nice dinner at Talapakatti in Dindugal.. Happy reading and travelling..

Cant get more Majestic than this

The Kookal Lake

The starting point to the trek

Deep descending for 3 kms

Mules available if someone cannot walk

The final path to the forest

We have to reach the peak for the car park

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