The Beautiful Waterfalls of Vilpatti and Perumalmalai...

On a beautiful monsoon month of October I had a sudden plan to visit my farm in Kodaikanal as our butter fruits trees started to yield and I wanted to check them out and also was planning to do some intercropping along with the butter fruit trees. 

We stared on a Friday night from Bangalore in KSRTC sleeper bus as usually I don't drive to Kodaikanal as I have my close friend Sendhil who has bike and car which I can use as my own :) Also its nice to sleep and go in sleeper bus rather than driving in the night in the hills.

We reached around 7am to Kodaikanal and after refreshing and having a nice breakfast made in Sendil's bro's home we started to the farm and due to monsoon and amazing rains there were many waterfalls formed and we planned to check them all before we go to the farm..

We visited Bear Shola falls first after passing through grown bushes and water passages and this one is so so beautiful and also has a nice pool too. I have visited this twice before but it was in dry season and seeing it with full gushing water was a sight to see.. This falls was closed post covid but when we went we saw some locals going inside and we followed them so check once if its permitted to go from the gate.

Post Bear Shola we then went for a drive till Perumalmalai and then took the narrow Elephant corridor of Kumbur to visit 4 to 5 seasonal waterfalls and also had exciting moments as some villagers told Elephants are moving around and asked us to be very careful. It started to rain and the roads were getting filled as well so we enjoyed those beautiful moments.. Post the waterfalls exploration we left to my farm with a hot tea in a local shop..

The beautiful bear shola falls

In full flow

The lovely Vilpatti Strech

The Lovely Step method cultivation

Vilpatti temple and falls

Falls on the way

A beautiful hidden falls inside the woods

Lovely cascading falls

The Mist ridden Shola forest

One more Secret falls

Rat tail falls in full glory, taken on the way to Kodaikanal from Kodai road junction

The huge sized Poomparai Garlic

Hot tea to enhance the vibes in the cold weather

The Mighty elephant zones of Vilpatti

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