The Gundupatti waterfall trek & beautiful sunrise

After a beautiful first day in Kodaikanal at my farm we had a great barbecue party in the evening and had a very sound and chilled sleep and whole night it was raining heavily and the feel of rains and cold was so so heavenly after a beautiful day..

Next day morning we woke up early and as our intended work in my farm got over last day itself we wanted to explore and checkout some treks which we planned last time and couldn't execute it. We woke up around 6.45 am and was waiting for a magical sunrise and to our luck it stopped raining and there was no mist and we witnessed the beauty of Sun peaking through the beautiful clouds and the greenery around. It was such a sight to see and really made a great start to the day.

We started about 8 am from Sendil's home after an awesome breakfast with Avocado milkshake from our farm and hit Gundupatti and started our trek to a small waterfall in the base... Gundupatti is very near to our farm in Kodaikanal and its such a serene place with 360* of mountains and waterfalls in the rainy season..

The trek is about 3.5 kms one way and passed through some spectacular paths including grasslands and fields where they grow broccoli and butter beans and in about 1.5 hrs we reached the small waterfalls and enjoyed the silence and birds chirping around.. The weather was chilly and beautiful with overnight rains and not that much misty and blocking the view..

Post the trek we came back to the car park and was enjoying and relaxing under a lovely banyan tree...As it was just 12pm and still our bus back to Bangalore was at 6.30pm we wanted to cover another place and that will be part of the next blog.. Happy Traveling..

The beautiful sunrise from Sendil bro's home

The Barbeque party

The various shades of Sunrise

Our farms Avocado Milkshake

The View of Poomparai

Tea with a View

The starting point of the Gundupatti Trek

Lush green Views

Mules to carry the Vegetables

Vegetable cultivation in the high altitude terrace farming

The lovely huts

Finally the waterfall near Gundupatti

The doom stay near our farm.. My farm is the one next to the big waterfalls falling there

Organic Potatoes

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  1. Hi Sir,

    Interesting post and liked your farm. The initiatives you have taken are great. Would like to know if there are some land near your farm that we could but or invest in your farms. We are nature lovers and trekked to various places in western ghats, have been looking to buy reasonably priced farm for sometime. Please let know of any information you have and would be helpful.

    Thanks and Regards