The blistering sunrise of BettaHalasur Quary

I would have crossed this place at least 500 times in my life as its just 10 mins drive from my home but not even once felt like going here as from outside it looked like a quary with men destructing it day by day.. I have seen it being full to getting destructed to 30% of it currently in a decade.

Once I was having coffee in Itihaas restaurant quite opposite to it and that was the time Surya uncle from Save animals India shelter casually told he has climbed this peak and reached a small temple at the peak and he said the place was good with white stones everywhere..

Hearing his stories and being in close proximity to home on a nice weekday we planned to do a short trek here and also have a nice breakfast in the Itihaas restaurant near by. 

On a nice wednesday Me, Kavin and Vimarsha started around 5.45 from home and reached the base by 6am.. The first 300 meters of this trek was so so so so bad as we need to cross through a small dumpyard and people were using this place as  a natural toilet so even we thought of turning back as it was nasty but being core explorers we closed our noses and passed that position...

Intially we werent sure of the way to the peak and was roaming in all directions but the view from every direction was beautiful due to the water filled quarries and the majestic white stones everywhere and felt like we were in Himalayas ( Im no way gonna name it Chota Himalayas like they named the other quary Chota Ladhak :D).

Sunrise was peaking beautifully and we were able to get some lovely dawn shots infront of the orange grass flowers... After roaming around climbing over various rocks we saw some locals taking bath and asked them the right route and they asked us to go back and take the small path to the left and from there we can go to the peak..

Before I continue the story, Anyone going here pls be careful as there are sharp rocks everywhere and watch ur steps and also go in groups as it may not be very safe for women or kids.

Then we took the path and found a nice small greeny patch going upwards and followed the way, the path was dense and beautiful with green grass and about 1km found a Hanuman temple ( Painting on rock) midway and from there took the left route and passing through some rocky terrain found a small and the biggest peak.. Post that bad smelling stretch the rest of 80% route is clean and better

From there we carefully reached the peak and the peak has beautiful 360* view of the surroundings and a very small old historic temple and manttapa. We spent about 10 mins enjoying the views and then started back to the base with the happiness of exploring one more new place.. As I told earlier go early, do remember the initial smelly path, sharp stones and watch ur step if someone goes here..

Post the trek which was about 4km in total we went to Itihaas restaurant for  a nice breakfast buffet and zoomed back to home for a well deserved rest and office work...

The Views from Midway

Sunrise in a perfect tone

The mini hills of the Quary

The water filled Quaries

The right path to reach the peak

The Green patch

The Temple at the midway

The way to the final peak

The small temple and mantappa at the peak

Some beautiful water reflections

Back to Car park

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