Onti, Surlabbi and Malalli Falls exploration

After spending a good time in the Hidden waterfalls around KP (last post) , we started the final part of journey before we head back to Bangalore.. Still it was 10 am and we thought of exploring all the places around Malalli falls and planned to head back to Bangalore post 3pm...

Our first stop was the Malalli falls and though I have visited it earlier the majesticness of this falls made me to check it out one more time.. This time around we dint go completely down and just enjoyed the falls from the view point and owing to a great monsoon this year the falls was brimming with lots of water and a sight to see..

Post the falls we planned to explore one more unexplored falls called as the Onti falls near Kotebetta and also planned to have a short break at the Surlabbi falls on the way.

When I earlier visited Surlabbi It was in peak monsoon and we couldn't get closer to water but this time around we climbed two tiers and few guys also took a nice bath and also to our excitement we also saw a snake sunbathing at one of the rocks...

Post Surlabbi we started our drive to the Onti falls and within 30 mins reached the base of the falls. This particular hike to the falls was a crazy one as there was a easy walking path available to reach the falls in 10 mins but we weren't aware and took the crazy dense jungle path and reached the path in 20 mins with some scratches in hand and legs.. We also needed to climb some rocks in the offroad path

I should say Onti falls is such a spectacular waterfalls in few layers and with the first and second being very nice ones to see and take a safe bath. From car park there is a very easy access to the falls crossing a small stream full of colorful fishes..

With the complete satisfaction of doing a 14 km trek and visiting 5+ waterfalls we started back to Bangalore with great memories .. Cu all again next time with another great story to tell :)

The Surlabbi Falls

The beautiful Onti Falls

The Majestic Malalli Falls

The Grasslands around Malalli falls

The Snake near the falls ( Might be green Kheelback)

The initial layers of Onti falls

Onti Falls from a distance

The Stream with Fishes

Rakesh taking a Dip in the falls

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