Tholpetty, Pakshipathalam, Brahmagiri and Nagarhole Trip

Kodagunadu is an amazing fact just for the fact along with its hills and greeneries it also provides amazing wildlife experience.. We planned a trip cobining Kutta and Tirunelly together and had amazing eperience trekking to the Pakshipathalam which requires permission from the forest department of Kerala from Tirunelly temple and also its a 16km total trek in a lovely trail..

This Trek happened in the Beautiful Reserve forest of Tholpetty and we Trekked total of 16 kms to Pakshipathalam from Thirunelly and also had a Jungle safari in Nagarhole forest and Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Pakshipathalam strech is a part of Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary adjoining both Kerala and Karnataka


The Tirunelli Temple

The watch tower middlfe of the trek

The Tiger Pug mark

The Shola Grasslands of Brahmagiri Wildlife sanctuary

The Lovely Grasslands

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