Horagina betta trek and Nandi Bhogeshwara temple

Horagina betta is the among the 5 bettas of the Nandi hills range and the one less trekked...Its exactly the one in front of Nandihils when u come from the Airport road side...

Once you reach the junction from Airport road take left and again before taking left to the Nandihills at Hurlagurki, park the vehicles and ask the locals for the right directions.. This trek won't suit kids or elders as the climb is involved in the trail which is not easy...

It has a nice trail to climb and is dense in monsoon months...A lovley temple is situated on the peak and on the way you will also encounter the nandi hills road side which you can avoid and follow the trail to Horagina betta..

had a 6 kms hike to Horagina betta both ways and visited the 1200 yrs old Nandi bhogeshwara temple... Horagina betta was much better than expected with a lovely cover of grasslands and a beautiful trail...

The Bhoga Nandiswara temple was extremely majestic with 3 Shiva Linga's and a 1200 yr old Nelambar's architecture. Overall a satisfying trip..One can combine this with Bhoga Nandiswara or the Gopinatha betta temples...

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  1. Nicely written and amazing photos. I had recently been to this place. Horagina betta trek was organised by our office HR team. Easy trek with various flowers, insects, lizards and butterflies on the trail. 
    My visit — http://travelblog.nithinbiliya.com/horagina-betta-trek/

  2. Is there any entry fees for horagina beta

    1. Yeah, @OP is there any entry fee for this?