A peaceful drive to Nijagal Betta

On a drizzling sunday morning we five left Bangalore with the dream of covering and hiking the Nijagal Betta ( 65 kms from Bangalore).. This place is absolutely beautiful in monsoon month with lovely grasslands and the lake near the bottom temple getting filled up....

More than expected this place is so beautiful with a Ancient Hindu Temple at the base and a Muslim Dharga togather.. Was a 4km trek both ways and the scenery was too good...

Kids and even little aged people with good fitness will enjoy this trek as its a easy climb and views from the top is beautiful..On the way to the trek about 50% two ways diverges as one goes to the peak and other goes to the old base temple so cover the peak first and on the way temple while coming down...

You can park the vehicle near Kamat opposite to the peak and can cross the railway line under or over...

The beautiful view of the peak from the base
The old temple at the base

The View of Shivagange from the base

The fort on the way to the peak

The ruined fort at the peak

We also planted 12 trees and fed all dogs on the way...

Loved the Temple Vibes

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  2. Btw since it had been raining the past few days we couldnt get to the correct spot. We parked at "farm veda" near reliance petrol bunk crossed the railway line by foot.
    The temple and possibly darga at the top were offering prayers and many ppl walk barefoot till the temple. A ruined hanuman temple is also present.
    Overall very good experience.