A excellent days trek to Channagiri - The green paradise :)

Channagiri is a very beautiful grasslands betta which is exactly behind the Nandi hills and one of the 5 hills in that range..

Personally its the most greenest and densest trek around 50 kms of bangalore and offers a beautiful temple and pond at the the peak..

This trek is around 3kms and won't suit kids or elders as its little dense..The way to trek is to climb in front of the Basava temple from Sulthapet road..Kindly check with the locals once as sometimes forest department might object to trek and permission might be needed....

It turned out to be more exciting place than expected and enjoyed every bit of this green paradise... For Bangalore trekkers who need a extreme green place to hike on a Monsoon month can get set and move to this beautiful place...

Route map:

Visit Sulthanpet and take the Sulthanlet to Discovery village road and left side we see the Basava temple,  park the vehicle there and climb opposite side to the trail..One can do the trek climbing up and down of two hills or go in the sides and complete the trek...

We also did a plastic cleanup and removed some 30 kgs of plastics..

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