Kashmir Great Lakes - The Heaven, 7 days 120 kms Trek

Something I will cherish for a long time...It's not about 7 days and 120 kms of hardcore trek but for sure this made me very close to nature and understand how life treats everyone in this difficult place and terrain..All we need in this world is a simple life with food, shelter and care but we end up in to materialistic life due to greed and comparing lives..Everyone should indulge in Nature to heal and make themselves positive...#Happytrekking... The trek was Organized by TTH and the below details are from them...

Lakes Covered

Vishnasar Lake
Kishnasar Lake
Gadsar Lake
Satsar Lake
Gangabal Twin lakes

The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is in no need of an introductory treatise. It presents the proem in itself. You can draw a preface of it by just hearing its name. Kashmir is a wonderful place and if you are on a himalayan trek you are bound to taste the natural beauty and adventure. The trek to the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek offers a lifetime experience of vintage memories that are so wonderfully tiring. The thundering silence of the Kashmir lakes and its virgin beauty is spell bound. Apart from the lakes, even the barren milky snow clad mountains stand out in might and proud.

The location of this trek, as obvious, is Kashmir, also known as the paradise of the earth. The trek duration calculates around 7-9 days and this trek is often graded as moderate in regards to the trekking challenges. The elevation circles around 13000 feet and the distance paths approximately 80 to 100 kms. On such a fulfilling trek you will learn so much learn about yourself- in a trifecta – physically, mentally and emotionally. For a trekker, nothing can replace and prepare him for those paramount and conflicting emotions that whether his body will take so much of strain and whether he will make it or not. But the joy on reaching the destination is obvious. This trek will always be happy and a cherishing trek for the trekkers that comes in handy with a few preparations.

Vishnasar Lake

The Beautiful Meadows

A shepard on the way

Gadsar Lake

Kishnasar Lake

Gangabal Lake

The boat houses of Dal lake

A peak from the tent

Yes we have done it...

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