A sunny day drive to HutriDurga

A lovely sunny days drive to the green and majestic Hruthi Durga Hill.. This place is also called as Uttari betta and this drive with the best friend is what you need sometimes... The Place leads to a lovely hiking for 30-45 mins where we reach a beautiful fort and on top there is loads of greenery with a old temple and mesmerizing breeze to sleep for sometime... 

The place is very green and beautiful on monsoon months and a perfect place for kids and family as the trek is very moderate and kids will enjoy this place..

This place is like 60 kms from Bangalore and is a lovely hill temple and safe for travellers.

Very proud and happy we have done tree plantation drives and plastic cleanup drives many times here in Uttari betta..

Google maps :

Hutridurga sunrise point
Karnataka 572126

The temple at the top

The walls of the Fort

Monsoon months forming a green Folliage

The hill from the trek base

We planted 25 trees, removed 65 kgs of plastics and also implanted 250 honge seed balls..

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  1. The palaces are magnificent. Not only is there such beauty, there is the history that adds to their attractiveness. The landscape seems magical and what a great place to visit.