The picturesque Gangammabetta

Well this is a very secret place just for the fact not many people knows this place but it offers extremely virgin beauty of grasslands and blue skies on lovely monsoon months of June to November.. We enjoyed a early morning trek with a pleasant weather and while climbing we did a offbeat trek climbing the grasslands rather than going in a small trail.. 

We also planted some trees after the trek was over but enjoyed this trek as once we reached the hill top we were welcomed with cool breeze, amazing views of greenery and some happy memories.. There is also a old temple and statue in middle of the betta but as we couldnt climb on the trail we dint find the temple and also around 10am the sun was peaking hot and bright so we decided to get down and find the temple one another day.. 

Reflections making a beautiful scene

The walk towards the trek base

The mighty hills looks smaller but once we climb it takes easily 2 hours

an old well on the way with water 

Half way the trek with beautiful views

The plain grasslands inbetween the two hills

Monsoon flowers make the place even more Serene

Much needed rest after a superb climb to the top

We completed the trip and a big sighhhh

Tree Plantation after the trek..

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  1. Very nice photos. Can you please share where exactly this place is located ?