The Hoysala Marvels around Melukote and Hosaholalu

I simply love Architectural places same as the way I love Nature related places. After coming to know that 506 ASI monuments out of 800 odd in India are in Karnataka my curiosity to visit them got more and the perfect month of February is such a apt time to visit Architectural places as its pretty dry for natural places...

This time around I planed a day trip around the Melukote region and also explored 4 hidden Hoysala marvels around KR pete region.. All these temples are around 10th to 11th century old. 2 temples were so old that we have to ask the village incharges to let us in to visit these temples as they were locked.. If ur visiting these temples make sure you can ask the locals for the temple incharge as mostly they will be locked.. When we returned all we could do is wonder and discuss how much effort our ancestors have taken to educate us with art and architecture. Its our duty to visit these amazing places and pay tribute to our great ancestors. Also try to give tips to the local Poojaris in the temple as both the temples had old Poojaris whose life relied on the income from the visitors..

Most of these beautiful temples are actually located on beautiful lake edges.

Places we visited

Melukote ( Puliogare and Sweet pongal are must try)

Hosaholalu Temple

Pancha Lingeshwara temple ( 5 Tower Temple and has 5 different Shivalingas)

Ancient Brahmeshwara Temple

Melukote from the ground level

The beautiful Hosaholalu Temple

Evening dawn at the Pancha Lingeshwara temple

5 towers of the Panchalingeshwara Temple

Kalabhairava statue

The magnificent art work of Nandi Statue

How craftful

The Ancient Brahmeshwara temple

The Thonnur Kere

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