The Hogennekal Happiness on a perfect Winter

 Hognekkal, The Nayagara of Tamil Nadu and South India Offers the best views in the monsoon months with 100s of waterfalls in a single place but can be just viewed from a distance and the coracle ride stops considering the safety of the passengers but in the months of Dec to Feb the water levels are so perfect that coracle rides can be taken and at the same time there will be enough water in the falls as well...

The roads leading to Hognekkal from Bangalore passes through lovely forest of Cauvery North wildlife sanctuary and filled with elephants in drier months and also in 2016 a honey badger was discovered in one of the camera traps so enjoy the drive and observe well for any wildlife spotting moments..

The coracle ride in Hognekkal Will be a thrilling 3 hours ( approx Rs 2500 per coracle and 5 people can be accommodated)  ride to a small Island kind of place and in between atleast 10 waterfalls can be accessed via the coracle...Kindly contact Hamsaraj at 9025771613 and he will arrange coracle rides for you...

On the way back to Bangalore one can also do a small hike to the beautiful Malikarjuna durgam hill temple for some lovely sunsets..

The Kambu Koozh, the traditional food of TN

Malikarjuna Durgam temple from a distance

A small Hike to the Mallikarjuna Durgam

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  1. Hello There, is there a decent waterflow in Hogenekkal now? The photo 3 of 26 - is that the island you are mentioning or is this place accessible by car.. We have a dog and if this place is accessible by car, would love to take my four legged buddy with me..

    1. Guess if u can go before feb end there might be decent waterfowl...Not sure about taking ur pet as they may or may not allow the dog in the coracle...