Kallukotte Hanumanabetta and Jakkalamadagu View trek

These 2 are relatively unknown places next to each other but offers amazing trekking experience and scenic views especially in Monsoon months....I really request anyone visiting this place to avoid Littering, going in bigger groups or doing any kind of noise pollution as sometimes I feel am I doing anything wrong by exposing such hidden  gems to people who might do all the above nasty things to unsettle the locals in the place or polluting the calm environment there.. I hope and believe that visitors enjoy the nature at these places and don't litter them with plastics...

One beautiful Saturday on a August month we started our exploration to the Small hillocks between Gauribidanur and Chikkaballapur and wanted to explore this small hill with temple near Kallukote. We started around 5am on a drizzly morning with the hope of catching sunrise and reached the base by 1 hour as its around 47 kms from Hebbal. There is a newly built  Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple at the base and the car can be parked here.

The day dint disappoint us as we catched the magical sunrise and though the hill looked small the trek path was a well laid mud track where walking is easy and correctly guides us to the peak. As the hill was small we thought of exploring all nook and corner of 360* view it offers and we did find a beautiful secret path which lead us to the view of near by Jakkalamadagu reservoir from the back while climbing up.

We took several breaks at various views just to enjoy the chillness and silence the place offered and reached the peak in about 1 hour else with a direct walk we can reach the peak in 20 to 30 mins.

At the peak there is a beautiful Hanuman temple and magical silence and greenery to enjoy. 

After spending about 30 mins at the peak we trekked down via the grasslands and avoided the walking path as it provided us more thrill for the trekking hearts and soul. We reached the base and spoke the Village Temple head who said we can help them by planting trees around the new temple and I told them before September will do a Tree plantation drive and around 50 trees can be planted and the temple will take care of watering them.

Post that we started our car and visited a beautiful small grassland where the view of the Jakkalamadagu reservoir is breath taking and spectacular. This takes about 10 mins to climb up the grassland and the view is amazing. We spent few minutes enjoying the breezy chilled weather and then started back to Bangalore for a stupendous late lunch and well deserved weekend rest.

The beautiful view of Jakkalamadagu
Catching the Glimpse of Sunrise

The route is easy and just follow the jeep track

Some Mild climbing

Beauitful mini grasslands

Sun Peaking beautifully

We took some offbeat directions to checkout everything on the path

The View of Jakkalamadagu from the left side view point

The entrance to the Peak temple

The temple at the peak

The Jakkalamadagu View point

Some Tangy and Spicy Corn on the way. I have been eating the same corn with this grandma for more than 6 yrs now whenever I travel via Doddaballapur.. She is an Orphan and doesn't have anyone to care.

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