The Bold Bairaveshwara Betta and Annahalli Lake

One more new day and we started to one more lovely trek and this time around our plan was to hit the Bairaveshwara Betta near Ramnagara ( Closer to Handigundi and 50 kms from Bangalore) and wanted to pack breakfast and have at the base. The day started with mild drizzles and so kind of Madhukar bro to pack Jola Roti with Chutney podi and curd and I woke up early to make some Masala Oats but forgot to keep in car :P

We started at 5.30, reached the base at 6.40 and had our amazing breakfast in the field among mild drizzles and then started the trek. Well Bairaveshwara Betta is a very small hillock but its pretty steep but luckily the locals have kept Railings to support and hike up. It will take only 20 mins to reach peak but not sure Elders can climb even though support is there in form of Rails...

Half way mark there is a nice pond with white lotus and to our lake it was blooming that season.

The views got beautiful thanks to surrounding hills, Annahalli lake at the base and the Drizzling scenes and we reached the temple in about 30 mins.. It has a new temple at the 3/4th way of the trek and post the temple one can also trek little up to the peak which has beautiful dense and green grasslands. We hiked to the peak and it started to rain and it was amazing to see other peaks covered with mists in no time.

We spent about 30 mins sitting at the peak sitting and enjoying rain and silence then started to get down and in 20 mins reached the base and wanted to explore the lake at the base. Our luck the lake had so much of blue flowers blooming and reminded me the scenes of Kurinji flowers blooming in Coorg Valleys..

This is such a small and nice trek and can be tried with kids but stay with kids and assist them while climbing up and down holding the rails...

Our breakfast at the base

Climbing up with Sunrise 

Initial climb

Dont forget to take the support of the rails as it gets little steep and slippery in rainy season

The Annahalli lake at the base

The Midway pond with white lotus

The Temple at the 3/4th of the peak

Surrounding hills and rains starting

Final hike to the peak via the Grasslands

It gets dense and nice

The Annahalli lake after getting down

Beautiful flower bed scenes at the lake

One Man, different dimensions - Madhukar Naidu

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