Monsoon Magic at Kodige Falls and Soormane Falls

August is such a beautiful month just for the fact its the peak of South West monsoon and the beautiful Malnadu and western ghats gets extremely beautiful with the falls and greenery around. Second continues year our Pune in August trips got cancelled due to covid and I decided to visit and trek all the waterfalls that are around the Malnadu region instead.

On this beautiful second week of August planned a trip to cover the falls between Mudigere and Kyatanamakki namely Kodige and Soormane and also to visit all the seasonal falls around.

We started early morning on a Saturday and post a quick breakfast reached Mudigere around 5 hrs from Bangalore and before visiting the Kodige falls visited few other unnamed falls it creates in the same stream and around 1pm we visited the Kodige falls which is about 5 to 10 mins walk from the car park and its a very beautiful falls located in a scenic place and in a private estate. The estate people charge bout 30 rs per head to visit the falls and its a very accessible place for kids and elders too as trek path is easy to navigate. The same road from the falls also goes to the Rani Jhari view point.

We spent about 1 hr in the falls taking a dip and enjoying the drizzles and amazing weather. This is a very nice waterfalls to view and also to take a nice dip.As usual do take extreme care in any waterbody as it might slip and with kids do take extra care..

Post the waterfalls visit we had a stupendous malnadu lunch in Kalsa and then visited the Soormane Falls which is again a very scenic waterfalls nestled among beautiful hills and greenery. Again 30 rs is charged for visiting the falls and the falls is about 5 to 10 mins walk from the car park crossing a small stream.

The same Soormane falls turns in to a beautiful crystal clear pond in November but due to monsoon and good rains this season the falls was gushing. Kids and Elders can be taken to this falls but have to trek a mild route for 10 mins.

I really enjoyed both these waterfalls as they are mainstream and majestic ones and started our night halt to Aruns Home in Mullodi for the next adventure ( Part II of the Trip)..

The beautiful Kodige Falls

The beautiful Soormane Falls

The cute Bridge to cross a stream

The Stream to be crossed for the Soormane falls

The Lovely bridge near Kalasa

The Homestay near Soormane

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