Bammikonda Peak and the Secret Waterfalls around

 I Just Love the Kudremukh region and always rated it as the no 1 most beautiful place in South India for greenery and grasslands. Kudremukh not only famous for its original peak but also have few other peaks around it namely Kurinjal, Bammikonda, Thirumalaguppi,Mullodi peak etc.

From 2013 to 2016 four consecutive years we did trips to Kudremukh region in Monsoon and always stayed in Aruns home which is like a family for me as the kids in their family always enjoyed my company and Arun always arranged special trips to unknown places around.

After 5 years I again planned for a trip to Kudremukh as Arun recently got married and invited me to stay with him and promised he will arrange some secret waterfalls ( He always knew my craze for waterfalls) and also to complete the last and small peak called Bammikonda near his home.

On day 1 of the trip we started from Bangalore and visited the Kodige and Soormane Falls and reached Aruns home around 7pm and he hosted us with some awesome food and introduced his family and the kids ( His sisters)  have grown up but still can remember me after showing the pics of earlier trips.

We had a cozy sleep in that beautiful village home and next day morning we started our trek to Bammikonda. Bammikonda is around 8 kms to and fro from Aruns home and Aruns dad accompanied us on the trail and took us in some secret paths so we can check 3 to 4 small seasonal falls.

The trek took about 2 hrs to reach the peak and at the peak we have some stones with Tribal art and some Step method cultivation at the peak. We crossed through beautiful patches of grasslands, streams, waterfalls and reached the peak and spent about 30 mins there and started our walk back.

We reached Aruns home around 11am and then having a nice breakfast ( Pulav and curry) we said a good bye to the family and started back to Bangalore with another fresh memory of Kudremukh...

The beautiful falls on the way to Bammikonda

The Step method cultivation views near Mullodi

The beautiful paths of Bammikonda

Aruns home in Mullodi

Aruns Dog which is 8 years old and have been seeing him from a puppy...

The Special Agaythya Milk Arun gave and he told me this is secreted on a tree only once a year and it detoxifies the body and this is the most bitter thing I have ever drunk in my life

The Grasslands of Bammikonda and behind is the Kudrmeukh peak range

The Tribal art at the Peak

Beautiful three tired waterfalls on the way

Some small waterfalls on the way

One more

Two more

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