Shri Mallikarjuna Temple of Basaralu and the Koppa Lake

The Part II of the Huliyurdurga and Hemagiri betta continued post lunch to a beautiful temple 20 kms away called the Shri Mallikarjuna temple of Basaralu which is again a 12th century Hoysala Marvel and looked very beautiful and its one of the well maintained temple with a watchman.

The temple was built by Harihara Dhannayaka around 1234 A.D. during the rule of the Hoysala Empire King Vira Narasimha II.

The temple is highly ornate example of Hoysala architecture. The temple plan is that of a trikuta (three shrined), though only the middle one has a superstructure (tower or shikhara) and a sukhanasi (nose or tower over the vestibule).The three shrines are connected by a common hall (mantapa) which is unique in that it mixes characteristics of an open and a closed hall. The lateral shrines are connected directly to the hall while the middle shrine has a vestibule that connects the sanctum (cella or vimana) to the hall.

We spent about 30 mins at the temple and then sitting on a opposite house Dhinne and chatting for 20 mins about various stuff and post that around 4.30 drove to the Koppa lake which is about 20 mins drive.

Initially we visited the backside of the koppa lake which has a serene feel with a old destructed Mantappa and some nice views and post that went to the Koppa lake which forms beautiful waterfalls with dam overflowing and an apt place to take a nice dip. We also spent 30 mins swimming in the dam and please do it only if u know swimming and dont venture to deeper places. Take care of kids as usual in any water places.. 

We started back to Bangalore around 5.30 pm with a nice tea break in the Kunigal- Bangalore highway before rain started and gave us a beautiful sendoff to Bangalore.

The beautiful Mallikarjuna Temple

Some chitchats

The Koppa Lake and Dam waterfalls

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