The beautiful Solo Hills and the colorful Lotus Pond

One more beautiful weekend started and there was an event of 3000 Tree plantation in the Thippagondanahalli reservoir conducted by Lions club and we planned for a day trip to participate in the event through our The Law of Nature group and also to explore some unexplored hills in the the Magadi road this time. We love to do exploratory trips where we select a place filled with greenery or waterbody and try to explore the places around it.

We started around 6am from home and event was about to start at 9am so few kms before the reservoir we saw this beautiful little hill with grasslands and we chose to climb the hill and we were sure climbing the hill we can see the reservoir from a nice view. As we had 2 hrs left for the event we decided to do this short little trek to pass time. This hill is marked as Solo hills in gmaps...

It took about 20 mins to climb this hill and owing to the monsoon and good rains the hill was filled with beautiful grass and greenery but the surprise was yet to come.

Once we reached the peak we realised there is a quarry behind and wanted to get down the other side and check it out and to our surprise there was a very beautiful pond on the other side with some beautiful lotus blooming with crystal clear water.

The place looked so beautiful with a mini valley, waterbody and flowers all in one place and the crown on the top was it was so silent and no human noise anywhere around. We spent about 1 hr sitting and enjoying the lovely place and its serene beauty and the scenes of blue clouds peaking made it another beautiful view..

Post this trek we started our vehicle to the Reservoir to participate in the event ( Will be covered as a separate blog) with some refreshed minds and energy....

The path to go up the little hill

Passing through grasslands

Almost to the Peak

Reached the peak

Some Lovely views of Sun Peaking out

The Little creek to get to the Pond

The Pond in the quary with lovely Lotus

Sitting and Silently enjoying the color's and sounds of Nature

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