The Unexplored tales of Rangasthala Betta Trek

Always been a big fan of the hills and mountains around the Chikkaballapur area and one more reason is the close proximity of the place to my home. Rangasthalam temple is another favourite place for me as it gives great vibes and also its situated in the middle of mountains..

We tried to climb to one of the peak behind the temple last march and couldn't proceed due to the heat and harsh sun at 7 am itself and we planned then to have this trek on a nice monsoon month.

On a lovely weekday we planned this trek suddenly as the previous day night it rained well and we thought this will have a nice morning for us next day.

We started around 5am from the morning from Sahakaranagar with Madhukar, Kishore and Vimarsha joining me and to make this trek somewhat interesting we took nice some hot tea in the flask and also planned to have BF post the trek in the famous TG biriyani.

We reached the base by 5.50am sharp and started the trek behind the temple. Unfortunately this is a very unexplored place so the path was very harsh with deep grasses and bushes and was little steep too. We couldn't find any localite so early in the morning to ask for the way so went ahead ourself in the hope of figuring out the way

We stopped in the half way mark to have the tea ( Cups are safely taken back to put in the dustbin later) and enjoyed the views of the nearby lake from the midway.

The trek got even more harder as not many have gone in this way in the last few months and the path was not very clear we have to navigate via harsh bushes and trees.

Finally after 45 mins we reached the peak which has almost 270* of hill view and a flat surface to have some amazing breeze and rest. We spent about 30 mins at the peak and Vimarsha and Madhu did some Titktok stuff for fun.

We started to descend and quickly in about 40 mins reached the base and spent few minutes at the temple playing with the Dogs and some curious monkeys which looked friendly.

About 8.15am went to the TG biriyani shop for some amazing Gowda style naati biriyani and the shopkeeper is a very friendly guy and usually whenever we go to Chikkaballapur we have our Brunch here. Then as usual had our Venkateshwara bakery famous Dilpasand and started back to Bangalore with some amazing memeries.

Note : This trek is surely for Adventure and Hardcore Trek lovers and will not suit kids or Elders in anyways..

The peak

The one you see on the right is the peak

Initial path with a lotus pond

Initial Dense path

Sun Peaking beautifully

The harsh path to climb up with Bushes

The Tea Break

Cups reached safe to Bin

Even more Steep climb up

Finally reaching the Peak and some lovely views

The Flat area at the peak

Some TikTok time

Descending down

The Lotus pond

Time with my Doggies at the Rangasthala Temple

Vimarsha is curious to ask from all our Ancestors :D

The 14th century old Temple on the way near Chikkaballapur town

The Famous TG biriyani and its Kabab

Lovely scenes of Overhead bridge train in Yelankha

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