The Great Food road trip to Tamil Nadu

" Namaku Soru than Mukkiyam " which translates to " Food is everything for us".. We are such a big foodies that every year we plan food trips to Tamil Nadu just to eat and explore places around and this time around we planned the trip to some iconic eateries in Tamil Nadu for a 4 day trip... The idea was to have 4*3 = 12 meals in amazing places and our trip started with a bang and  Rakesh, Ajay, Surendar and Kavin joined the fun with me and its the same team which has done similar trips for the last few years....

The whole tour was about the Non vegetarian delights we tasted. Being Tamilians we know the fact how emotional we are with the Food and I have tried to share my experiences in the best way possible.

Route Map

Hosur- Krishnagiri - Nammakal - Madhurai - Virudhu Nagar - Thoothukudi - Kayalpattinam - Manapad - Kanyakumari - Nagarkoil - Thenkasi - Karur - Hosur

Day 1 :

We started around 5am and the initial breakfast was at the Modern Muniyandi Vilas in Hosur which has some amazing breakfast and tried the Soft idlies, Onion Dosas with the Egg boti fry and Nattu Kozhic curry and post this also had a mouth of Kammang Koozh, the traditional food of TN to cool ourselfs... Koozh is usually made with Raagi or Millets and added with buttermilk for great cooling properties..

The tradtional Koozh with Moringa

For Lunch we reached Nammakal and had the stupendous meal at the the Kada Virundhu farm where for 350 Rs a unlimited meal is provided with 12+ Items.. Most of the items are mutton and each and every time is cooked with home grounded masalas and the fun part is the person who owns the shop teaches us how to mix and eat each item. This is one of the most authentic foods I have eaten till now and the final country chicken soup they provide is something to live for.

Lunch scenes at Namakkal

Post a heavy lunch we spotted a Padhaneer cycle on the road and had a glass each for proper digestion and cooling the body again. This is the juice the Palm tree secretes and extremely good for the body

The sweet Padhaneer of Tamil Nadu's Palm trees

For Dinner we reached the Famous city of Virudhunagar which is very famous for its variety of Parotta and tried out all the famous delicasies at the Asan hotel.. We also finished the dinner with some amazing juices available there

Dinner at Virudhunagar

Day 2 : 

Day 2 breakfast was at the famous Burma kadai which is very famous for its Parotta, Idiyappam and Mutton leg Paya and post the breakfast we had our lunch in Tutucorin at the famous John mess for its variety of Parotta and Biriyani...

For Dinner we reached the holy town Tiruchendur and decided to have a light vegetarian dinner to reduce the load our tummies have been taking for the last couple of days

Set Dosa and Kurma for Dinner

Couple of friends also tried some veg meals in a nearby Veg hotel

Day 3 :

Day 3 started with a simple breakfast in Tiruchendur with typical TN style Dosa and Sambar and variety of Chutneys and for Lunch we hit the Fishing town of Manapad for some nice costal food. On the way we stopped to taste some sweets at Kayalpattinam and also its famous herbal tea.

Costal Lunch in Manapad

For dinner we reached KanyaKumari and tried food in one of the roadsite eateries for some amazing crispy parotta and sea food.

The famous Herbal tea of Kayalpattinam

Some Sweets of Kayalpattinam

Day 4 :

As we have been having heavy food for past few days we decided to skip the breakfast and reach Coutrallam for some early lunch and we hit the Border kadai in Coutrallam for some amazing lunch and this place is very famous for it Parotta and Side dishes and specially the Kothu Parotta

 For late lunch we reached Karur and had our stupendous lunch at the Famous Shanmuga mess which is 50+ year old and serves food with love and care....

With almost adding on 2 kgs easily in last 2 days we planned to skip the Dinner and reach home and safe and nearly took a week of diet and detox to get rid of the happy fats we gained during the trip... Lets see you all in one more food trip. Happy tripping and happy eating...

Other Must try Eateries in TN

Priya mess, Karaikudi
Selvi Mess, Salem
Dindugal thalapakatty, Dindugal
Ya Moideen Biriyani, Chennai
Amma mess, Achi mess, Kavanna Parota, Madurai
Sree Subbu mess, Naidu mess in Coimbatore


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