The Greens and Blue's of the Bisagni Betta

Siddhant who is a young commercial Pilot and a neighbour and very good friend of mine has been asking me to join a trip for a very long time and due to his flying schedule it was getting delayed but finally a trip happened with him and the whole story is about it.....

I always wanted to plan a special trip for Siddhant as he is very much a compassionate nature lover and this time around planned the trek to the Bisagni betta which is actually in between Skandagiri and Chandragiri and relatively less explored trek in Chikkaballapur about 60 kms from Bangalore

We started about 5.45 am from Bangalore and a group of friends joining Siddhant and reached the base around 7am after a short breakfast in our very favourite Shivasakthi Tiffin rooms. Rajasekar who is a student of mine and the Locallite of Chikkaballapur also joined us the trek to lead the way.

The skies were blue and beautiful that morning and adding to the monsoon the grass were green and vibrant too. We parked our vehicles near a temple complex and then started the trek. This trek is of about 2.5 kms one way and as its a very less explored one the grasses were grown about 8 to 10 feet at places on the trail and was difficult to navigate at times...

Mid way of the trek there is a very old ruined temple and should be atleast 100+ years old and there is also a pond near to it. We spent about 10 mins to gain some energy as the sun started to peak early that day. We continued the trek for about 30 mins and we reached this beautiful flat land near the peak and between 2 mountains and the views were so so so mesmerising from the point.

We spent about 30 mins at the peak enjoying the cold breeze and did some dance as well and finally decided to descend down. It took about 45 mins to reach the base where we parked the vehicle and saying thanks to mother nature we also planted few trees.

Post the trek we went to the Rangasthalam temple and then we had a direct lunch in the TG biriyani of Chikkaballapur which has a very nice and friendly owner. After gobbling some naati gowda biriyani we also went to the famous Venkatesha bakery for some amazing Dilpasand.

We reached home about 12pm and yet another beautiful memory with a lovely gang... Keep travelling...

The Initial way to the peak

Beautiful Cirrocumulus clouds

The mid way old and ruined temple

Grasses grown as tall as humans

The ultimate Wolf :P

Loved the Cirrocumulus clouds the day offered to us

Siddhant, the Lovely and cool Pilot

The lovely views of the Kandavara lake in Chikkaballapur

The beautiful grasslands at the peak

Descending down

The Happy Gang

The Temple at the base where we parked the car

Planted few trees

The lovely and majestic Rangasthalam Temple

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  1. Please share the location for the car parking spot from where the trek begins