Kethanahalli falls in Full flow and its 6 Cascading Layers

I have been to Kethanalli falls more than 5 times but have never seen it in full flow this way ever. Kethanahalli falls is such a underrated and hidden gem about 60 kms from Hebbal and in between the Kaurava Kunda and Avalabetta. This is a seasonal falls and in full flow only about few days a year when it rains heavy and when they open a small check dam near by.

With heavy rains in Bangalore for few days I assumed the falls will be in full flow and started a trip on a Saturday morning and to my prediction it was brimming with water. This place is about 1.5 kms trek from the car park and goes through series of 3 small falls initially and post that you hit the main falls.

The main falls this time around had so much water and also formed many sub falls and cascading layers which I have never seen before. A total of 6 nice beautiful falls we explored and had a nice dip in one of them too.

This place is a forest area and has lot of Leopards and Bears so don't venture deep into the forest. Ask the locals for the right way and they will guide you to all the falls. Have a safe trip and kindly don't litter the place with plastics and Garbage. Post the trek we also explored some beautiful Marigold Plantations around and the scene of Kaurava Kunda in the background and the flowers in the foreground was a pretty scene...

The Beautiful Main Kethanahalli Falls

One of the Layers

Hike of 1.5 kms in a beautiful trail

One more Cascading levels

The 5th Level

the Final Level

The Streams the falls forms

The beautiful Marigold plantations around


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  1. The place was nice, but now the place has been restricted. When we were heading out, forest guard caught us and threatened to cease our vehicle. Caution if anybody is planning to go to kethenahalli falls

    The police also mentioned they are doing combing for cheetah so better not risk it!