The Blistering Belkal Theertha Waterfalls

The Day 2 of the Arisinagundi falls started with a lovely rest in a campsite next to a beautiful stream and waking up with chilling weather and the sounds of stream made us super fresh and we slept really well considering the tired trek we had the previous night.I also woke up in the middle of the night to see the stars and also clicked some astrophotography. Next day morning we woke up, saw few folks playing Mud Volleyball, Joined them for a game and then refreshed and started to the Belkal Theertha Falls trek.

We drove about 30 kms to the car park of the falls on a foggy and misty day and started the trek. The initial path of the trek was a plain walking path crossing the village and post that we entered the check post where the forest department took the details of the trekkers. From a distance the falls looks like a small line falling from the sky

Post the formalities we started the trek and the whole length was about 4 kms on a trail which was through forest and gradual inclination. We also witnessed many small streams and falls on the way and it took about 1.5 hrs to reach the falls.

Once we were closer to the falls, we realised we are going to witness something special and yes , once the waterfalls was visible to eyes wow wow wow what a treat it was...We actually trekked to the 2nd layer of the falls which is about 300+ Feet and they say in drier months trekking to 1st layer is possible which is again another 200+ feet.

The falls felt like it was falling from the sky directly as the top was covered by full fog half way mark and this was quite a scene... The sprinkles of the falls can be felt 100 meters away and we all got wet completely in the sprinkles and mists of the falls. Belkal Theertha or Govinda Theertha ( another name) for sure is a spectacular falls I have ever seen for its majestic flow for a distance...

Spending about 1 hour near the falls enjoying its magical beauty we started to trek back to the vehicle with the memories of yet another trip and magical moments.

The village at the base of the falls where the trek starts
Tried Astro Photography

The beautiful Belkal Theertha Falls, Felt like it was directly flowing from the heaven

The overnight tented stay

Tents next to a flowing stream

A game of Mud Volleyball

The inital trek to the falls

Small falls on the way

Dense forest paths


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