A colourful Boat ride in the Sharavathi Backwaters

Post our Bangara Kusuma waterfall trek we returned to the Homestay to change ourselves and it was still 11am and we had plenty of time to spend the rest of the day and considering the weather was super pleasant the Homestay owner suggested us to check the Backwater boating in the Sharavathi river. Initially I was skeptical as Im not more in to tourism activities but I checked on the boat route the owner was showing and my instincts said to me its gonna be special and something different so we freshened up and go to the place where the boating starts...

They charge about 200 rs per person for a 1.5 hrs drive and as we started to move I realised it was a great decision to do this one as very similar to Aleppy/Kumarkoam the backwaters Sharavathi produced were extremely beautiful and most places can be literally only accessed by boats and gave the scenes of Amazon river in-fact.. The whole route was very scenic and colourful and especially when they started to us to take on narrow creeks where the people lived a island lives with beautiful garden houses..

The scenic backwaters had coconut trees both sides and with blue skies it was such a tranquility... I really enjoyed the fisherman boats passing through us and felt the place very much connected with Nature... I will suggest everyone to take this ride and this 1 to 2 hours will be pleasant and valuable.. Post the Boating we left to the homestay for some lunch and final destination we planned before we head to Bangalore..

Boating Location starting point :


The lovely boating scenes

The colorful backwaters

Coconut trees making a pretty scene

The Narrow creeks

Local Fishermans

Houses inside Islands and only access was boats

Our Boatman Uncle

Shops on the Banks

Enjoyed every bit of this ride...

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  1. Great to hear about the good work you want to do for mother nature