The Scintillating secret beach trek of Ramanagindi

Post our boating in the backwaters of Sharavathi in our Honnavar trip we went to the Homestay had a nice lunch and for the final destination of the day we planned to do a secret trek between the Ramanagindi and the Brahma beach which was just behind the homestay and considering the weather was pleasant and skies were blue we were super excited to do this..

We walked about a Km and reached the Brahma beach and then for about 2 kms walked in the shores with the small hills visible from a far distance. We collected many star fishes on the way and due to the recent good rains and monsoon there were also some amazing fresh water ponds just below the hills.

After 2 kms we reached the base of the hills and was very surprised to see Seychelles kind of atmosphere with colourful patches of Stones and trees forming beautiful rocks and we spent about 30 mins here and then started to hike to the peak and what followed was stunning.. The hills had beautiful patches of grasses and once we reached the top ( about 15 mins hike) we saw some stunning scenery and the semi circular shores giving a amazing feel from the top..

We really enjoyed the pleasant scenes and post a walk of about 20 mins in the cliff we got town to the other side of the beach and took a nice dip in the shallow waters the rocks and beaches formed for us. This for sure is one among the most beautiful beaches I have seen in Karnataka and post that with great memories of the weekend started back to Bangalore with refreshed minds... Also try to have Dinner in Anmol restaurant in Sagara which is such an amazing place to have all kinds of food.

The lovely beach

The dried up Star Fishes

The Gang

The Fresh water ponds near the beach

The Poor mans Seychelles

The Hike up the small hills

The View from the Left side peak

The View from the right side corner peak

Monsoons made the scenes green and pretty

The Halo around the Sun

Jumping in Joy

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