The Green stories of Bhimanakindi and the Cauvery glance

One more weekend started beautifully with rain and this time around we planned a day trip to the beautiful hill temple called as Bhimanakindi in between Channapatna and Halagur...Bhimanakindi is a place of Historical importance that its mentioned that the Pandavas stayed in the hill and built a temple during
 their exile days and I was also excited to see the narrow creek it naturally produced on the peak...

We started around 5.30 am from Bangalore and took the Mysore road and as usual had a nice Tatte Idly and masala vada at the Suchitra hotel near Bidadi and post that about a hr of drive reached the base of Bhimanakindi and due to the monsoon the grasslands were beautiful and vibrant..

The trek to Bhimanakindi goes about 45 mins to 1 hr to reach the temple at the peak and passes through some lovely green patches laid on a semi rock steps.. This trek might suit kids above 8 and elders might find it difficult to a steep inclination at times but a very safe trek. Post the temple if needed someone can reach the peak at the top and might take another 20 mins. The whole trek was registered 5 kms in my fitness tracker...

About 45 mins on the trek we reached the temple and we were very happy to see the natural creek it formed on the roof with a huge rock standing horizontally for a good distance.. We spent about 30 mins at the peak exploring the place and from there another route lead to the topmost peak but considering it was little sunny that day and other places to visit we skipped the peak and got down in another 30 mins and started to our another destination the Ganalu falls..

We reached the base of Ganalu falls and to our bad luck 3 folks fell down and died in the falls few days back and the police were not allowing anyone so we needed to change the plans and go somewhere for rest of the day... As we wanted to see a water body post the green trek we decided to visit the edges of Cauvery river and drive around the hill strech between Ganalu and Muthathi.. We saw the Cauvery mother was running in the full flow and on the way stopped in some scenic locations for some backwater scenes...

With a beautiful memory of a well spent weekend day we started back to Bangalore for a well deserved lunch and rest..

The lovely green grassland path to the peak

Nearing the caves around 40 mins mark

The temple at the top

The creek at the top

The beautiful Boulder creek

The Foothills

Cauvery in full flow

The Backwaters near Muthathi

The Gang minus me...

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful post. Kindly share the location details of Bhimanakindi as i am not able to correctly pick the location in Google maps.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Guru, here you go

      Bheemana kindi

  2. mane devru bheemeshwara