The Silky Bangara Kusuma Waterfalls

Honnavara and its surrounding places are such a delight and it provides such variety of Travel options such as beaches, treks, hills, waterfalls, temples, back waters , bird watching and you name it and you get it kinds.

Post our Mangroves and sunset visit in the previous blog we took a good rest and in the morning and then we hit the Bangara Kusuma waterfalls which is about 40 kms from Honnavara.. Bangara Kusuma is a multi tiered cascading waterfalls which can be seen from a very far distance as it flows from a very high layers.

From the car park in the Honnavara - Sharavathi route one needs to walk about 2.5 kms flat walking trail to the waterfalls and easily kids and elders can walk to the lowest layer which is so so so beautiful and scenic..

Adventure junkies can try reaching the other higher layers especially in Post monsoon months ( Nov to Feb) but in any which-ways handle the climb with care. Being a crazy waterfall lover I will rate Bangara Kusuma waterfalls last layer as one of the most beautiful to take pictures as its layers feel so silky in photographs and also for the fact its a safe waterfall to take a nice bath.

Spending about 1 hour in the falls we started back to the Homestay to change up and proceed to the final destinations of the Trip ( Hidden beach trek and backwater boating). On the way about 3 kms to the Honnavara route we saw a hanging bridge and some speed boating happening and did some crazy boat ride where the boatman charges 100 rs for boating and does a 10 min high speed wiggly tiggly ride in the river... On the way we also tasted the famous Karavali home made ice creams and Gudbud. 

Loved the feel of this waterfalls, easy to access and to take bath

Small falls on the way

The second layer

Take a nice dip

The Hanging bridge and boating on the way

The Gudbud of the Karavali Ice creams, Honnavara

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  1. Very nice, Which homestay or resort did you stay at Honnavara, ?