Anaikachan Madavu waterfalls

After the end of the beautiful South west monsoon season I felt so fulfilled and thankful for 2021 as I have already done 78 trips for the year with loads of Waterfalls and Grassland Treks and wanted to end the 2021 year with a Bang..

Usually post October I concentrate on places around Tamil Nadu as North East monsoon gets underway and Eastern ghats of Tamil Nadu becomes lush green and filled with waterfalls.

So this time around we planned a trip to the explored hills and waterfalls around Jawadhu Malai which has loads of mystery to us and relatively unxplored by the Instagram Era...We 5 including Dr Srivatsav planned the trip and started on a windy, rainy and chilly November month to Jawadhu malai which is around Thiruvannamalai side of TN.

Post driving about 5 hrs from Bangalore we first explored this beautiful water falls called as the Anaikachan Madavu waterfalls which is a small single tired waterfalls but we needed to trek about 3 kms to the water falls in a forest crossing my streams and lush dense forest the area had.

after walking for about 40 mins we reached this amazing waterfalls with no human souls around except us. We took nice bath to our hearts content and enjoyed the silence of the place with amazing sounds of the nature. The beauty about this place is that whole path of the water is filled with pebble stones so the water clarity is so amazing and they say that Jawadhu hills have unbelievable Herbal plants so the water is very medicinal.

post coming back to the car park we met a person who was staying in a lone house there and as usual the famous Tamilian hospitality took over where the person gave everyone a thick glass of buttermilk he made from the cows he owned and also offered us to stay for the night. As we  already planned for camping on top of the hills we thanked him and started back to our next destination with amazing memories.. We also stopped on a village hotel and tasted the famous Kothu Parotta

The initial trek through dense forest

Some streams we needed to cross

Beautiful waters on the pebble base

The cold and sweet Anaikachan madavu waterfalls

Our famous Kothu Parotta lunch

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  1. Nicely put safe it is ..any recommendations? Also,pls can you share the Google map location?