The Beautiful Ratnagiri Fort trek near Rayakottai

Post the trip from Allepy, I felt I have eaten a bit and wanted to do a fitness trek so with a beautiful small team of 8 in 2 cars we planned for the Trek to Ratnagiri fort which is near Hosur and also a wildlife belt around.

We started on a nice monsoon Sunday morning and as a tradition of having breakfast at the Modern Muniyandi vilas hotel near Hosur we directly hit the base of the hill where the trek ascends. There is a small stream before the trail starts and due to recent rains the water was flowing and we took 20 mins chilling there.

We then started the hike and there were few locals and warned us not to venture deep inside the forest as its an elephant corridor and asked us to only go to the peak top and come back safe. Its better to take locals help for this particular trek as the paths are little confusing if we don't follow the trail. This place is idle so better go with a small gang and don't take kids around.

It took about 45 mins to reach the peak and its a relatively moderate trek to do. We initially took a wrong route which has initial 70* steep climbing and post that reached the peak which has few ruined walls and a pond with some statues..

After sitting in the shade and enjoying the breeze we started to descend and it took about 30 mins to get down. Do this trek between October to December for some nice feel.

Post this we started our trip to cover some more beautiful places around..

Location of the Trek :

The initial walk inside the forest

Starting the ascend

Steep path for a short distance

The view of the forest from the mid way and its an Elephant corridor too

The old carvings at the peak

The ruined fort at the peak

The stream where we chilled off

The doggy was kind enough to show us the path

Chilling at the peak..

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