Winter Trip to Dabbaguli and Cauvery wildlife Sanctuary

The new year of 2022 started peacefully and beautifully with a day trip planned to Dabbaguli on the second week of Jan 2022. This time around Me, Rakesh,Kavin,Vimarsha planned the trip along with the Drone King Naveen bro.

We started around 5am in the morning and had a quick breakfast near Kanakpura where we enjoyed a healthy Kaal soup and Idly breakfast which was super refreshing.

Then we started to Dabbaguli and around 30 kms before we saw the route getting beautiful with hills around and lot of tree houses in the fields to protect the fields from wildanimals around. We also climbed up a tree house to get the sense of fun and essence.

Post the tree house climbing we drove further and about 8.15am we reached the off road to the Dabbaguli which is around 25 kms of Mudroad to Dabbaguli and any descent SUV with good ground clearance can manage it.We even saw some Swift and other low GC cars coming around but for sure it will take some toll on the cars chasis below.. So please plan this trip from Dec to Feb mid only with a car of descent ground clearance

We drove for 25 kms in that forest  mud road, reached the Dabbaguli temple, parked the car and then played in the crystal clear water for 2 hrs and then also did a Coracle ride to enjoy the calm ride in the decently flowing Cauvery river. This is one of the hidden and most beautiful part of Cauvery where the pebble base makes the river look very translucent and beautiful

Location :

The Heavy Breakfast

The Mudroad for about 20 kms

The Tree houses on the way

Unpolluted smiles

The Crystal clear Dabbaguli waters

Few locals take their bike in the coracle, cross the river and have another road from there to MM hills and Hognekkal but the forest department doesn't allow tourist to land on the other side of the river considering the Elephant movement that side.

Then we started the explore the other side of the River where there is a small water way which is almost dried but gave a beautiful scenery with Pebbles. We also climbed a small hill near by and enjoyed a good view of the Cauvery mother.

Some play time in waters

The Dried up alternative path to cauvery

A Drive in Theppa

Around noon 2pm we planned to leave the place considering we need to have lunch and also it takes about 3 to 3.5 hrs to reach Sahakaranagar back. We left the place with beautiful blue memories of the crystal clear Cauvery and a Sunday well spent

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  2. Is it safe to travel and spend time there with family