A scenic drive to Jayamangali Blackbuck Reserve

The New year started with a bang and after completing 80 trips in 2021 and I felt that could be the most traveled year of my life and who knows what life has in store for us so hoping for a great start to 2022.

Post Jan I usually stop my treks to grasslands and waterfalls and the concentration shifts to Wildlife drives and beaches most so in the first week of 2021 we planned for a day drive to the Jayamangali Blackbuck Reserve which is about 2.5 hrs drive from Bangalore and for a surprise our favoruite Dr Sreevatsa who is an avid wildlife lover and photographer wanted to join for the drive with his 600mm Lens..

Knowing the fact we need to be early there to spot the beautiful blackbucks we started around 4am from Bangalore and reached around 6.30 at the gates. We also packed some breakfast to have post our drive. We can use 2 gates to enter and exit the park and in middle of the park there is this forest guest house and also watch towers present at many places to spot the animals. Even Jackals exist in the jungle and anyone can enter the park but kindly make sure you dont make huge noise and frighten the animals.

Initially we walked inside the reserve and there is a guest house present with some guards guarding the reserve and they asked us to walk inside the reserve to spot some beautiful animals around.

The bird life is excellent here and can spot some amazing rare birds too. After spending 2.5 hrs in the reserve and walking around 2.5 hrs we spotted bunch of Black bucks everywhere and a group of 50+ also crossed our paths.

We also walked inside the reserve to see a waterbody and spent lot of time sitting and enjoying the birdlife and blackbucks coming to drink water. The park can be accessed both sides and we can use our own cars to drive around. Post 11am it got little hot and we started to hardly see the animals so we told a good bye and started back to Bangalore and on the way having a Naati style lunch which is mandatory for a Sunday.

The gate Entry

Watch towers inside

The Forest Guest house inside

Walking inside the park

The lake inside the park

The beautiful Blackbucks

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