Javvadhu malai waterfalls deep inside the woods

After the Great Exploration of three waterfalls for the day, We hit to our next destination to an unnamed and unexplored falls in the deep woods of the Jawadhu Malai post 4pm.

We stopped for a nice tea on the way and then we parked our car to a small river post which we needed to cross the river and walk on foot.

After enquiring with the locals for the route we started our journey and we weren't very sure how far we needed to walk for as post some distance it was full forest and no humans around

After walking for 2 kms we were lucky to find a Tribal person with some Cows and he informed we were on the right track and asked us to walk fast as it gets dark soon being winter months.

After walking again for 2 kms we saw this beautiful multi tired waterfalls flowing with rage and we realised the rains are so so good this year that all the waterfalls are filled with so much water.

We really cherished this waterfalls as it had 3 visible layers and if we had time we would have gone ahead and explored the more possible layers the waterfalls could have formed.

It gave us lot of thrills and chills to be in this location as this falls comes under a deep part of the forest. Post spending 30 mins at the falls we started our long 4 kms walk to the car park with great memories and amazing places we covered for the day. We started our vehicle and packed our dinner for the night on the way.

After driving for about 45 mins we reached the peak of the Jawadhu malai and with permissions from the locals we camped near a temple for a safe and sound night sleep... 

Sun Setting in for a perfect day

The initial streams to cross

Crossing the Dam built on the river

On the way to the falls

The beautiful cascading falls

First visible layer

the Final Layer

Me on the second layer

Camping for the night

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