A beautiful Morning hike to Balaparai

Our camping on the night of visiting the Jawadhu Malai forest worked our wonders as we took great rest after a nice dinner and apart from the fact the weather went low as 7* on that night and it got little discomfort to sleep under the tents.

I had even given my sleeping bag to Velu who was sleeping under a shed so I had to wake up couple of times in the night to pass time and also tried sleeping in the car which was toooo cold as well.

Somehow we managed to sleep and after realising its 6am, Me and Dr woke up first and after refreshing and having an awesome hot tea from a near by lone Tea shop we thought of doing some birding and ventured to the fields to get a glimpse of some amazing birds such as Scaly breasted Munia, Indian Roller, Crimpson Sun bird etc.

Coming back to the camp site we spoke to the locals and checked if they have any peak near by to hike and one person told there is a beautiful peak called as the Balaparai which is famous for its views and birds.

We all got ready and luckily the village person also agreed to show us the route and guide us, The initial walk was for 2 km on a plain terrain and post that we needed to hike in a vertical slope for about a km and totally after 3 kms of trek we reached the peak from where the views are so beautiful with the surrounding hills and a lake at the bottom of the side.

We spent an hour there siting and enjoying the silence and the bird chirping and around 9am the sun started to get bright and we decided the descend back and started our journey back to the camp site..

Reaching the camp site we got ready and started our journey to Angudhi Sunai waterfalls near by for a nice dip..

Initial path for the trek

Moving through the Forests

Tribal village people

Our Guide

The beautiful lake and the colorful flowers

The midway to the trek

Ascdending up a steepy path

The lake from the peak

A beautiful farm house near the trek area

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